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La Mosca?

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Literary & Visual Arts Journal

At La Mosca (Formerly Seeds), we aspire to reflect the remarkable community of writers living throughout the greater Chicago area.

Our goal is to lift the voices of not only the Northeastern community but also those we live and work among. Our submissions are open to all, within and outside of any formal institution.

We believe in the collective power of collaboration and aspire to provide a platform free of elitism and hierarchy. To that end, our journal adheres to Northeastern’s policies on creating safe spaces for expression and scholarship.

We are committed to fostering an environment that is anti-racist, anti-heterosexist, anti-transphobic, anti-Islamophobic, anti-ageist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist and anti-imperialist.

Submissions that violate this policy will not be accepted.

Latest Publications

Behind La Mosca

Clay Cofre (Editor In Chief)

Clay Cofre (They/them) is a Queer Latine Poet from Chicago. Their work deals in Highway underpasses, aging, and goopy outside sensations. In their free time you may catch them working on La Mosca and/or rotting on the couch.

Phil Kostov (Managing Editor)

Phil Kostov (They/He) is a senior at NEIU whose writing deals with apocalyptic messianism, logistical capitalism, poetics and politics of hotels, the desert, consumer-citizen, RV’s, vertical file cabinets and friendship.

Indigo (Section Editor)

Indigo (She/They) is a Grad Student at NEIU. They are a musician and writer who enjoys being somewhere green. They joined the poetry scene as a worldly observer, longing to verbalize the intangible mechanisms and truths of reality. They are driven by this yearning, and hope that readers can harvest their findings and seek out their own veils to lift.

Jasmine D. Rodriguez (Section Editor)

Jasmine D. Rodriguez (She/Her) is a transfer student from Harry S. Truman College, and a junior majoring in English at NEIU. She is a copy editor at NEIU’s campus newspaper, The Independent. During her weekend, she dedicates her time to her family and friends.

Thalia Piseaux (Section Editor)

Thalia Piseaux (any) is a freshman at NEIU, and loves to read and write!

Xavier Morales-Greene (Writer)

Xavier (He/Him) is a writer for La Mosca and enjoys writing about existential concepts, while also tackling real-world issues within his writing. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for Que Ondee Sola, NEIU’s Puerto Rican-centric political and creative journalism publication.

Kayla Suess (Visual arts and

Production Manager)

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Vintage Decorative Line Art

La Mosca wishes to pay tribute to their predecessors.

We were formerly known as:

Seeds, American Goat, Apocalypse, and Odyssey, The Muse

Vintage Decorative Line Art


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La Mosca is a Literary & Visual Arts Journal, a student-run, community-focused organization that values access to and innovative approaches to learning and scholarship.

We publish poetry, prose, fiction/non-fiction, hybrid work, research, essay and visual art.

If your work or a representation of your work can be printed on a page, we encourage you to submit!

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